Since the beginning of the school year, the English Club group has been working in KTCC for the first and the second year students.

The aim of the club: deepening knowledge of the English language; expansion of the lexical stock; obtaining additional linguistic and regional information about English – speaking countries; the integrated application of skills in the use of English in monologic and dialogical speech of students; statement of pronunciation and development of phonetic difficulties, development of oral skills, etc.  

On March 5th 2020, in the reading room of the library was held the event “Detective genre” by teachers of a foreign language Li Natalya Alexandrovna, Nurzhanova Akerke Gabidovna and the head of the library I. Kalashnikova. The event was about English writers of the detective genre: Peter Cheney, Agatha Christie and Ian Fleming.

The First and the second year students, the head of the library presented biographies of writers in English, showing their ability fluently speak in foreign language.

Freshmen masterfully performed a scene in English from the work of A.С. Doyle “Sherlock Holmes.” A college dance group performed an entertaining dance.